Igor Diemorth

About me

My name is Igor Ferreira, I have been developing games since 2016, making pixel art, programming and game/level design in general. I am currently creating web games and I am in a Games and Multimedia graduation. Check out my portfolio below and feel free to get in touch! I am open to commissions and projects, as an artist, game designer or programmer.

Recent Games

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Puzzle Platform Cute


Puzzle Magic Cute


Cactus Cute Puzzle

Froggo Coins

Puzzle Platformer Management

Doomsday Feelings

Platformer Management Narrative
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Recent Arts

Few Recent Pieces!

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Protober Showcase

Prototypes made during protober!

Day 7 - 2019

Arcade Cutting Timming

Day 14 - 2019

Puzzle Reflex Arcade

Day 22 - 2019

Platformer Puzzle

Day 29 - 2019

Puzzle Platformer Timming
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3D Art and Projects

3D works here soon!



Tel: +351 915 677 975